AYA Brand

Even among other types of Japanese rice, AYA is slightly more sticky (although it is not glutinous rice) and retains its full flavor, even when cold. This makes it very popular and especially good for rice balls and lunch boxes.

[Fact Sheet]
Eating Quality: has sweetness
Texture: very soft
Viscosity: Has stickiness (low amylose rice)
Recommended Usage: Served at room temperature or cold, as rice balls and/or used in lunch boxes.



Standard viscosity and perfect for serving hot with any kind of Japanese Food.

[Fact Sheet]
Eating Quality: semi soft
Viscosity: standard stickiness
Recommended Usage: Goes well with any type of Japanese Cuisine.

Japanese Sake


“iki” goes well with not only Japanese cuisine, but also many other cuisines from all around the world.
Also, the beautiful blue bottle shows the Daisetsu Mountain Range in Central Hokkaido.

The special characteristics of “iki” are;

  • a gorgeous aroma
  • an excellent balance of sweet and sour flavors
  • smooth drinkability

[Spec Sheet]
Polished Rice Ratio: 45%
Alcohol Content: 15-16%
Sake Meter Value: +4
Acidity Level: 1.1
Amino Acids: 1.3
Profile: Semi Dry
Size: 720ml* / 375ml *720ml is BTO manufacturing.
Best served: 40F-50F
More details: http://iki-sake.com